Trendy500: Ringing in a New Year

A new year is quickly approaching. In honor of it’s impending arrival, and all of the well intentioned resolutions that will surely follow, I decided to devote this Trendy500 to a higher purpose….not looking like a douche bag on New Year’s Eve.

No, I kid. <cough>

Here are a few pieces that I’m particularly fond of for ringing in the new year among family, close friends, acquaintances, or random strangers.

Gant Rugger Sweater Vest

I’m a big fan of this wool knit sweater vest from Gant Rugger because of it’s versatility. It has character without being too overwhelming colorwise, which makes it easy to incorporate into both formal and informal looks. ($74 @ Barneys)

Hugo Boss Slim Fit Point Collar

Visually speaking, there’s rarely much a guy can say about a plain white shirt. The key is in the fit. There are a few brands that are a personal go to when I want a quality dress shirt that will fit perfectly and withstand the test of time (Thomas Pink for example). In this instance I chose to invest more in the shirt (though not a Thomas Pink sized investment), and went with Hugo Boss. BOSS knows how to cut a good shirt, and since white dress shirts tend to be worn more frequently, invest in one that will stick with you for the long run. ($125 @

Black Fleece Flannel Bow Tie

Bow ties. I mean really…need I say more? This is an accessory that should be in every guy’s closet. This flannel bow tie from Black Fleece had texture that I just couldn’t pass up. ($59 @ Barneys)

Paul Smith Fancy Slim Leg Pants

I’m a fan of slim fitting pants. They tend to give off a clean, cut, updated vibe that I enjoy combining with more traditional pieces. I’m sold on these slim leg trousers by Paul Smith. I love the visible texture that comes from the cotton and twill composition.  ($133 @ Park & Bond)

Steve Madden Faderr White

I’ve had several shoes from Steve Madden over the years. So, I’m a big fan. I gravitate towards uniquely styled shoes made of uncommon materials and colors, and Steve Madden rarely disappoints. This time around I went for a plain white leather shoe. It’s crisp and clean without taking away from the rest look. ($59.95 @

Brooks Brothers Mini Argyle Socks & Alfani Reversible Plaque Belt

These Brooks Brother’s mini-argyle socks and a white Alfani belt seemed perfect for wrapping things up within the $500 budget. Both are simple yet stylish enough to stand on their own. Socks: Brooks Brothers – Mini Argyle Crew Socks ($19.50 @; Belt: Alfani – Reversible Patterned Plaque ($19.98 @

Trendy500: Ringing in the New Year

– Bryan

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