Trendy500: Stylish and Casual

We all want to look good, but not all of us can drop thousands of dollars on designer gear to make that happen. However, contrary to popular belief looking good doesn’t always have to carry a high price tag.  A regular feature on this blog will be Trendy500’s, where I pull pieces from a variety of brands (some designer, some fast fashion, and all that’s in between) to create a look for less than $500. At the end of the day, there really are no brand limitations in looking good.

Here’s a look featuring a few of my favorite brands. I had in mind a goal to create something casual, stylish, and that had color. Something that you could wear to grab a beer, or a cocktail.

Tee: Billy Reid – Make Cornbread Not War ($56)
Scarf: David & Young – Softer Than Cashmere ($19.50)
Pants: Zara – Resin Jeans ($69.99)
Jacket: Billy Reid – Huntington Herringbone Tweed ($260)
Sneakers: Creative Reaction – Borelli Khaki Wool Brown ($95)

Ok so i’m $0.49 over. I can live with that….

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